I’m an urbanist focused on the intersection of mobility, data and design.



Mapping transit networks in emerging cities

In 2018, I made the big move across the Atlantic to join WhereIsMyTransport, a startup based in Cape Town. I’ve planned and managed numerous data collection projects in the field — in Africa, LATAM and the Balkans — working with international organisations like the World Bank and the IADB.

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SATC — Research paper

Improving journey planning calculations for informal transport

I helped conduct a study designed to improve trip planning calculations for informal modes of transport. We collected and analyzed an extensive amount of data on a single route with multiple variations in Sea Point, Cape Town.

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Transit App

Scaling America’s
favorite multimodal app

I was the Head of Marketing at Transit in 2016/2017. With a primary focus on the app’s experience and our partnerships with transit agencies, we've successfully built an active user base of millions of commuters. 

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Real Estate Map

Montreal’s Plateau Mont-Royal Property Values Map

Using the city’s Open Data and scraped data du Rôle d'Évaluation Foncière, I designed an interactive map showing the value increase at the block level between the 2015 and 2018 city-wide assessments.

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Mapping travel restrictions during the coronavirus pandemic

This map shows the restriction statuses of most countries around the world. The data was collected from different news articles and government travel advisories.

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Transit Analysis

Twitter data: a transit disruptions’ analysis

How can you retroactively analyze a metro system’s performance without Open Data? I created visualizations and published a brief analysis of service disruptions on the STM’s Orange Line — Montreal, Canada — based on thousands of tweets from 2018/2019.

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The definitive platform for parking data

In 2014, I co-founded a tech startup that develops solutions to improve urban mobility and facilitate parking for drivers. We provided Car2Go with clean parking datasets to help with fleet operations in Montreal and NYC. Our mobile apps and backend are available as open source on Github.

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The meeting of art and knowledge

I was a founding member of Microfiches, an encyclopedic project where art encounters knowledge. Each collection is comprised of 10 to 15 cards presenting key elements of a subject. The texts are written by a renowned specialist and visually interpreted by an artist.

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ADUQ — Case Study

The appropriation of indoor public spaces

In this case study, I explored the organization of the RÉSO, the challenges of its spatial linkage, and the potential for development and appropriation of Montreal’s Underground City. This project was supervised by Espaces Temps and ADUQ — Quebec’s Urban Design Association.

Case Study (French)

ADUQ — Case Study

The digital platforms behind the new urbanity

Thanks to Open Data and new technologies, the democratization of geospatial and statistical information transformed the planning paradigms of the urban space. Citizens, governments and professionals can, more easily than ever before, collaborate on community development projects. This case study was supervised by Espaces Temps and ADUQ — Quebec’s Urban Design Association.

Case Study (French)


Mégantic &
Urban Resilience

I worked on a proposal for the redevelopment of downtown Lac-Mégantic, largely destroyed by the catastrophic derailment which took place in July 2013. This work was the final year project of my BSc in Urban Planning.

Final report (French)

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