Montréal, Canada


I was the Head of Marketing at Transit in 2016/2017. With a primary focus on the app’s experience and our partnerships with transit agencies, we've successfully built an active user base of millions of commuters.

Look & Feel

Transit continues to inspire the transportation industry with great innovations, and communicate its mission with a unique tongue-in-cheek voice. Medium articles, app’s release notes, social media, prints — we spent pennies on marketing, but we always found ways to leverage word of mouth and the Internet's culture to acquire new users, increase retention and hire talent.

Building Partnerships

We leveraged partnerships with transit agencies in order to acquire new users in cities all around the world. Why spend money to build and maintain a new local app, when you have the option to partner with one of the best apps and get insights on your commuters, all for free? Transit is now the endorsed app of dozens of agencies — including Boston, Montreal, Baltimore and San Jose — and offers native ticketing via its partnership with Masabi.

User Analytics

I led the team responsible for designing and building Transit’s analytics and admin dashboard. It enabled the product and marketing teams to have an overview of the users’ experience, implement the best strategies per market and reinforce our partnerships with transit agencies globally.

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